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Doctoral Students

Stephanie Cazeau Bandoo, MA

Steph's research is on the lived experiences of stigmatized diseases among Black American women.  In addition, Stephanie is interested in culturally competent care for Black women who have experienced sexual assault and intimate partner violence.

Taylor Sheldon, MA

Taylor studies opioid use disorder among people who are homeless.

Kübra Tör, MA

Kübra's research is on the health outcomes of intimate partner violence.

Undergraduate Students

Gianna Chalmers

Gianna is writing a scoping review paper on the well-being of retail and customer service workers.

Sam Orphanos

Sam is participating in various research projects, including coding interview data on the healthcare experiences of transgender people.

Doctoral Alum

Christina Nikitopoulos, PhD

Christina's research was on  the role of fitness communities (such as CrossFit) in promoting participation in physical activity.  Christina also examined how the intersection of gender and age presents unique barriers against physical activity among women in midlife and beyond.

Merve Armağan-Boğatekin, PhD

Merve studies the contextual factors associated with psychological and physical well-being among Syrian refugees in Turkey.

Dylan James Téllez, PhD

Dylan's research is on Latinx people's perceptions of transgender people, and on how and whether transgender people make the decision to make gender-affirming transitions.

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